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The Best No-Calorie Beverages

You’re thirsty.  You don’t feel like water.  But you don’t want to blow a week’s worth of sugar on one beverage, nor do you want to load up on artificial sweeteners.  What are your options?  Iced tea, iced coffee, or one of these fantastic zero-calorie beverages.

1. Hint (pictured above).  This stuff is just water + fresh fruit, but it tastes light years more exciting than regular water, and comes in fun flavors like watermelon, blackberry and pineapple. Perfect for satisfying your late afternoon sweet tooth, calorie-free.

2. Sparkling water with fruit essence.  This Raspberry Seltzer is my current fave, since it comes in cans that offer just the right amount (as opposed to larger bottles, which tend to go flat before you can drink the whole thing) and has a natural-tasting raspberry flavor.

3. Izze Esque Low Calorie Beverage. These do have calories, but at just 50 per bottle, not nearly as much as other sodas or juices.  One of these can tide you over til your next meal or snack, quench your thirst, and satisfy your sweet tooth all at once.

Just make sure you pick Izze esque soda, as opposed to regular Izze Soda, which contains more juice and thus significantly more calories.  Look for the “esque” under Izze on the bottle:


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