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The One Thing Every Diet Has in Common

eat more vegetables

Low-carb, low-calorie, low-fat, low-sugar, low-glycemic index – are just a few of the many diet trends that frequently appear in the media.  In some ways, these diets contradict each other.  The foods that one diet claims are the answer to your weight-related problems are the same foods that another diet says will make you fat, unhealthy, prone to cancer, etc.

But there’s one recommendation that appears in every single diet plan I’ve encountered: eat more vegetables.

I have never met a doctor, nutritionist, nutrition evangelist (this is a term I made up for those who call themselves nutrition “experts” despite having no or little training), or health specialist who denounces eating more vegetables.  They all say – and rightfully so – that if you replace some of what you’re eating now with vegetables, you’ll lose weight and become healthier.  There are countless scientific studies to back this up.

So next time you are pondering a new extreme diet, remember this: you could probably achieve similar results (that would last much longer) if you just replace some of what you’re eating now with vegetables.

As usual, the answer is simple and straightforward!

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