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Today, I’m Hoping For…

The right to know what’s in my food.

yes on prop 37


ca right to know

Because genetically modified crops are responsible for an additional 500 million tons of toxic chemicals in our food supply since 1996.

ca right to know

Because our children are too important to be a chemical company’s science experiment.

yes on prop 37

Because not everyone can afford to buy organic, which is currently the only way to avoid GMOs.

ca right to know

And because consumers just deserve to know what they’re buying and eating.

ca right to know

There are countless other reasons, but these are enough.


yes on 37

Note: Prop 37 – like all propositions – isn’t perfect, but it’s a step in the right direction. A big step. If it passes, chemical companies who produce toxic substances that we then eat, will be defeated. Food will be on the political forefront. And consumers will have declared that they want to know what they’re eating. If you live in California or know people who do, please encourage them to vote Yes on Prop 37. 

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