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Trip to Mexico

I just returned from the most amazing trip to Mexico, where pretty much all I did was lounge.  Lounge on the beach:

Lounge at the pool:

Lounge on the roof deck:

You get the idea.  Once in awhile, I’d take a break from lounging to enjoy some delicious food, which in Mexico City meant street food like this:

(roasted sweet potato drizzled with sweetened condensed milk).  YUM.  Or this:

(Tacos al pastor, the filling for which is carved from a roasting piece of deliciously crusty fatty meat + pineapple):

And random crunchy fried mystery snacks like these:

My heart and arteries were relieved though, when we moved on to El Pescadero in Baja, where the latest love of my life (no offense Tyler), Rancho Pescadero, helped me get my 5aDay by leaving this outside the door of our room every morning:

and making the most delicious fruit smoothies at breakfast:

Which we used to wash down the to-die-for Chilaquiles and Poblano Quesadillas:

Made from poblano peppers grown a stone’s throw from the resort:

And in the nearby town of Todos Santos, I used my silly-looking but effective pineapple-picking technique (click here to see it) to get us a fantastic afternoon snack:

Really, it was the vacation of a lifetime.  So much for the senses and the taste buds to take in, yet so rejuvenating.  I highly recommend a visit.

(If you go, make sure to take a stroll with Diego).

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