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Weight Loss Secret: Get Enough Sleep!

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Lack of sleep may be sabotaging your healthy eating efforts, since people who sleep less seem to snack more…probably because they’re reaching for a boost of energy that they didn’t get from a good night’s sleep.

If you find yourself reaching for food during the late afternoon slump or when watching TV at night, make a plan to give yourself more nighttime hours for sleep.  It could be as simple as turning off the TV a 1/2 hour earlier, skipping a weekday social event, or just making a pact with yourself to be in bed by a certain time every night when you know you have to wake up early.

Feeling rested is not only good for your waistline – it’s also good for your mood, your relationships, and for staying well during flu season.  So stop reading this blog post, and head off for a snooze!

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