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Weight Loss Week Starts Tomorrow!

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Today marks the beginning of 2013. The last year flew by, but I am so excited for yet another opportunity to start fresh!

Like most of you, I have a big New Years resolution: to devote more time exercise, sleep, and healthy meal preparation. Though I’m already pretty healthy, these 3 areas of life were more of an afterthought last year – things that stressed me out or never got tended to, and I want 2013 to be different. Taking care of our bodies shouldn’t feel like an obligation or another task on our to-do list. It should be kind of a treat – one that allows us more time to ourselves and makes us feel happier and more relaxed.

Since many New Years resolutions revolve around losing weight, I’m going to devote the next week to weight loss. Each day, I’ll feature a tip that is easy to implement, doesn’t require deprivation, and adds up to big results. As with everything on this website, these tips will make your life easier, not harder, and will hopefully lead to a happier, healthier you.

See you tomorrow, and happy new year!!

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