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What I Eat, Take 2

Question: What do YOU eat on a normal day?  I like to see all your ideas for what I should eat, but I want to know what you’re eating to stay healthy!

Answer: Here is yesterday’s info, for better or worse.

7:45 My usual frothy coffee (above)

8:45 In the car…a banana, plus 2 pieces whole wheat bread that I dipped into a jar of this which was situated between my legs…this is a little embarrassing to admit…

12:30 shared a large bag of fruit with chili, lime, & salt (from the fruit guy on a street corner off La Cienega).  Mango, pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe, jicama. Delicious!

2:45 bowl of leftover Chicken with Tomatillos and Braised Fruit, with a homemade tomato-cheese tamale (Thanks for sharing, Keely!)

7:00 began nibbling from a big platter of random goodies I made for my friends & I — looked kind of like this:

but it also had smoked chicken legs, carrots, sliced cucumber, gouda cheese, big chunks of toasted cracked wheat sourdough bread, rosemary wafer crackers, and chicken apple sausage slices.  Washed these nibbles down with 2 small Amaretto peach margaritas (invented once when I didn’t have Triple Sec or Grand Marnier).

11:00  can of Diet Hansen’s, Tangerine-Lime flavor

Nutritional analysis: It was an on-the-go day, and I didn’t plan ahead one bit, so could have been worse.

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