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What I Eat

Question: What do YOU eat on a normal day?  I like to see all your ideas for what I should eat, but I want to know what you’re eating to stay healthy!

Answer: Obviously what I eat varies a lot, but here’s yesterday. Disclaimer: this is not a diet I’m recommending, it’s just the way I eat, for better or worse.

On a nutritional scale of 1-10, with 1 being the worst diet ever and 10 being the healthiest, I’d give this day a 7.  Plenty of fruits & veggies, but I ate more often than I probably should have, and really didn’t need the 9pm dessert, which was pretty large.


7:30: Coffee with splash of half+half and lots of aerolatte milk (skim milk I frothed–see above)

8:30: 1 large piece rustic cracked wheat bread with TJ’s almond flax butter & homemade apricot jelly

8:45: 1/2 a banana

11:30: decaf 2% latte, small Pink Lady apple

1:30: Chocolate Raspberry Luna Bar

3:30: sample of canned vegetarian chili and sample of lemonade, shopping at TJ’s

4:30: 2 carrots cut into sticks with roasted garlic hummus, while cooking

4:45: sauteed zucchini, onion, roasted garlic, white beans, with chicken sausage slices + fried sage leaves on top

5:00: bowl of sliced strawberries & fresh pineapple chunks…and 3 Twizzlers (almost forgot these!)

9:oo: small vanilla frozen yogurt from Golden Spoon, with a dollop of peanut butter and rainbow sprinkles

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  • Cassie
    April 30, 2010 at 9:09 am

    I loved that you posted this and I think you should do it all the time! It is healthy, realistic and yet, I see mini-splurges which lets us know you are honest!

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