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What the Pho?


Have you had Pho, the richly flavorful and satisfying Vietnamese noodle soup?  If so, odds are you love it as much as I do.  If not, I highly recommend you begin an immediate search for the closest Pho restaurant.

What makes Pho (pronounced “Fuh”) so good?  It’s the broth.  Every restaurant has it’s own spin on the Pho broth, which takes about 3 DAYS to make (!!), so you’ll notice some flavor differences depending on where you go.  But even mediocre broth is delicious, especially when you add the large pile of rice noodles, veggies/beef/tofu, bean sprouts, basil, lime, sauces, etc.  You just can’t go wrong with this filling, healthy, and remarkably inexpensive meal.  Here are a few of my favorite Pho restaurants:

Pho Bac in Seattle (only serves one thing — you simply order Small or Large)

Pho Viet in Seattle (next door to Pho Bac — has a more extensive menu)

Saigon Dish in Lawndale, CA (Los Angeles area)

Le Saigon in Santa Monica, CA (not my favorite, but good if you’re in the area)

I Luv Pho on Mercer Island, WA (at $8 or $9 per bowl, it’s a little “higher end” for Pho, but good)

If you bring a baby with you to dinner, a soup spoon is great entertainment:


When that gets old, a sprig of basil will also do:


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  • christa
    September 2, 2011 at 9:14 am

    i do love basil. but i wish i was that easily entertained by herbs! lucy is darling as ever – when does she get to eat pho?

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