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frozen kefir

I swear I did more than just sample dairy products at Expo West last weekend…but by looking at my pictures you’d never guess!  I am apparently dairy obsessed, but I swear it’s simply because all these products tasted so good I was compelled to document them.  Some of the delicious finds…

Alden’s Light Ice Cream.  Pretty excited about this: my favorite organic ice cream will soon be available in a lower fat form.  Sweet!


Julie’s Organic Non-Dairy dessert.  Phew!  Finally a non-dairy item on the list.  I didn’t actually taste these at the show but they will be out soon and come in such unique flavors like Caramel Macaroon and Tropical Ambrosia.  Seriously?! (p.s. Julie is the mom of Alden – now that’s a “family company!”)

julie's organic non dairy

Stonyfield Oikos Greek yogurt in pineapple.  This stuff is sooo creamy and tastes so tropical!  Look for it on supermarket shelves in May.

oikos pineapple

Lifeway Greek Frozen Yogurt.  Greek fro yo was all the rage at Expo this year – nearly every dairy company seemed to be launching their own version.  I tasted a few, but my favorite was the honey flavor at Lifeway’s booth.  The honey swirl tasted so floral it was like a bouquet in your mouth (in a good way).  The Lifeway folks told me they tasted a huge number of honeys before settling on this one.  It’s a real winner.

frozen yogurt

Also from Lifeway: their frozen kefir in new flavors (pictured at the top of this post) like Pumpkin and Dulce de Leche.  YUM. And in single-serving containers, which is great for those of us who struggle with portion control when it comes to desserts!

frozen kefir

These were merely a few of the highlights from Day 2 at Expo.  Tomorrow I’ll be back to regular Eating Made Easy blogging!

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