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What I Feed My Child

toddler food

Feeding your child is a big part of being a parent. Kids eat frequently, and making sure the kitchen is stocked with healthy foods (that your kids will actually eat) can feel like a full-time job.

Before having a baby, I had grand plans for how my child would eat. I swore I’d devote time to procuring the best ingredients, preparing a wide variety of healthy dishes, and providing a “food environment” that ensured my future children would grow up with impressive palates.

Since Lucy’s arrival, I’ve had to change my tune. Of course I still value healthy eating and do my best to offer her a wide variety of flavors, textures and fruits and vegetables. But the demands of motherhood on top of an already busy life have led me to be a lot more flexible and easy going about food than I originally planned. Actually, I think this is a good thing. We’re both loving food and life!

Here is a peek into what Lucy’s been nibbling on over the last few months. From airport salads to donuts, you’ll see the good, the bad, and the ugly!


toddler food


toddler food

Lifeway kefir pouches

toddler food

Naturally green foods on St. Patty’s Day

toddler food

what to feed kids

Nature’s Path frozen waffle, pineapple and yogurt

toddler food

Greek yogurt – we eat a few different brands but always organic

toddler food

Green smoothies

toddler food

toddler food

Zucchini “fries” (anything veggie in the shape of a French fry is instantly more appealing)

toddler food

Red lentils which we cooked in broth

toddler food

Veggie dip, sans veggies

toddler food

Salad, served many ways

toddler food

toddler food

Donuts for Dad’s birthday

toddler food

Cupcakes for Lucy’s birthday


Grilled cheese with strawberries and grapes


Hidden M&Ms on Easter


Kashi cookie with strawberries


Carrot and celery cups


Tossed green salad in the Memphis airport (got it for myself but she ate the whole thing)


Lucy-sized lollipop from her friend Aurora’s birthday party (result = very sticky car)


When she’s not eating herself, Lucy’s often cooking or feeding her own babies!

toddler foodtoddler food

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  • christa gadola
    April 8, 2013 at 4:38 pm

    oh my goodness amelia. lucy is SO big and SO cute. i am glad she’s had a bite of donut; it means she has truly lived. and she’s only two! what a sweet little foodie you have created!

  • Amelia
    April 11, 2013 at 2:09 pm

    As you can see from the photo, she gobbled down her donut hole then immediately turned her eyes to Daddy’s donut!

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