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Lucy Eats Spinach, Apple, and Rutabaga

In general, I don’t plan to buy “baby food” for Lucy, because I don’t believe that babies need their own special kind of food (they’re not pets, they’re just people).  But sometimes, a mom needs a little help.  When I’m on-the-go or don’t have anything ready for Lucy when she’s hungry, I’ll be sure to have some Ella’s Kitchen and NurturMe baby food on-hand.  Both of these brands use only organic ingredients, emphasize vegetables, and their food actually tastes good (a must for me – why would I feed Lucy something I wouldn’t eat?…broccoli-breastmilk aside, that is). Yesterday I wanted to feed her a little something, but didn’t have time to cook and puree anything, so I opened up a packet of Ella’s Kitchen Spinach, Apple, and Rutabaga mixture, and as you can see Lucy loved it.  Though I’m not planning to give her much fruit until she’s regularly eating a variety of vegetables, I figured this mixture was veggie-heavy enough.  I tasted it too — yum!

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  • Hillary
    October 6, 2011 at 8:04 pm

    Hi Amelia,
    I’ve seen a bunch of the foods in the squeezy bags…plum brand, ella’s kitchen, and a few others…are Ella’s Kitchen the best? Or did you just happen to choose that one (doubting this is the case)?

  • Amelia
    October 6, 2011 at 8:44 pm

    I chose Ella’s Kitchen because they’re the only brand that has 2 veggies mixed with 1 fruit. Most of the squeeze packs are all fruit, or fruit mixed with fruit juice concentrate (aka sugar). Earth’s Best has a few fruit-veggie combos but not with any green veggies – just with sweet potato, squash, carrots (more of the sweet-tasting veggies). Most babies will like fruit & sweet/starchy veggies…its the green & bitter ones that we have to introduce first (and sometimes re-introduce time and again) so there’s a better chance of them liking these. Hope that helps! p.s. Love that you guessed this was well-researched…that’s me…for better or worse 🙂

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