Staying Organized as a Busy Mom

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Its been 7 weeks since I had a baby, and my house is officially a disaster.  I shot this video just a few days before she was born–now I know this was wishful thinking.  We have baby paraphernalia all over the place!  Before I had a baby, I thought we could live without a baby mat, baby chair, baby swing, multiple baby carriers and strollers, multiple diaper changing areas, etc. But the truth is, we can’t.  Each of these baby items buys me about 5 minutes of freedom, which equals time to take a shower, time to make a sandwich, time to brush my teeth…and without a doubt, this makes the clutter well worth it.  That being said, the moment she outgrows something or gets bored with it, it’s out!  I’ve already donated some old items (hard to believe there are “old” items when it’s only been 7 weeks) to my pregnant friends, and put some other stuff in storage.  Hope to keep up this trend.  But I also know I just need to get used to a little bit of a mess, until we can move to a bigger house where I can shove most of her stuff into one room and shut the door.

This is a sponsored post, but the thoughts above are definitely my own!

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