Conversation Heart Milkshake

valentine's day milkshake

Today’s post is just about as far from yesterday’s Non-Food Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day as you can get. But my friend Kari created the most amazing Heartbreaker Milkshake and I couldn’t resist sharing it with you.

My guess is we all have some Conversation Hearts lying around post-Valentine’s Day. Not the tastiest things to much on as-is, in my opinion. This milkshake however, turns these chalky candies into a whole new – and far more delicious – dessert.

valentine's day milkshake

Here’s the super fun YouTube video showing you how to concoct this sure-to-become-famous Heartbreaker Milkshake, and here’s a little more about how Kari came up with this crazy recipe.


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2 Responses to Conversation Heart Milkshake

  1. No way! Have I told you that Matt’s birthday is ON Valentine’s Day and that conversation hearts are his #1 favorite candy? Now if there were just any leftover candies anywhere in a 5 mile radius of him…

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