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Lose the Baby Weight Week 2 Recording & Homework


Thanks for joining tonight’s webinar about Planning Ahead and Pumping Up the Food Volume!

If you missed the live version, here’s the recorded webinar so you can listen at your convenience.

This week’s homework:

  • Schedule a time to grocery shop – weekly, twice weekly, or whatever works for you
  • Schedule a time to prep produce for the week – spend an hour after the grocery store washing and chopping veggies & fruits so that they are easy to snack on & add to meals.  Or, buy pre-washed and pre-cut produce.
  • Think about where you most like to indulge – Wine with dinner, white bread with butter, or a sweet treat everyday.  Whatever you’re pleasure, plan ahead so you can save up for it!
  • Weigh yourself on weigh-in day, email me your weight if you’d like (optional)

If you need some additional help planning meals and grocery shopping ahead, check out these meal planning resources:

Food On The Table



Fooducate (not for meal planning, but a useful tool when grocery shopping – tells you if something is healthy or not so you can decide whether or not to buy it)

Also – a couple weeks from now we will hear from Danielle Omar, from Food Confidence, about tips for making healthy meals at home in an easy, budget-friendly way.

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