Lucy Eats Plums

I wasn’t planning to give Lucy fruit until a little later (when I deemed her to be IN LOVE with all green veggies), but it recently became apparent that she needed some prunes in her diet….I’ll spare you the details.  So, I cooked a handful of organic prunes in water for about 15 minutes then let them cool.  The prunes got soft enough to remove the skins and mash for Lucy, plus she got to drink the water they were cooked in.  If this sounds disgusting to you, you’ve probably never had stewed prunes!  They’re actually really good.  So good, that for dessert the last few nights, I’ve had a couple of these with a drizzle of melted dark chocolate chips…what a treat!

Clearly, Lucy thought prunes were a treat too.  Here’s to hoping she’ll continue to love peas….

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4 Responses to Lucy Eats Plums

    • I think you’re not alone on your dislike of prunes 🙂 You should try them in a Chicken Mirabella recipe – its marinated baked chix with dried fruit, olives, oregano, wine, and garlic – its SO good and has convinced many prune-haters to reconsider!

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