9 Ways To Tell You’re On the Wrong Diet

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I’ll tell you a little secret: Weight loss “diets” don’t work.


Because the word “diet” implies something temporary. Something you are either on or off of, depending on your life’s circumstances in a given moment.

This mentality – of practicing healthy habits for certain periods of time and not others – does nothing but set us up for failure.

Yet we still continue to try every new diet that comes into vogue.

Recently, my friends Willow and Stephanie of C&J Nutrition published 9 Ways to Tell You’re On the Wrong Diet. This article is right on.

Next time you’re tempted to try the latest trend in dieting, pull up this list and see if the prospective diet falls into any of these nine categories. If so, forget it and go for the less-sexy but oh-so-reliable method of making small healthy changes that add up over time.

Here are some weight loss strategies that really work:

5 Ways to Stop Yo-Yo Dieting

Planning Ahead: 7 Tips for Weight Loss Success

3 Ways to Prevent Overeating

How to Lose Weight Without Calorie Counting




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worst foods for weight loss

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berry hemp smoothie

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